Two artistic creations worth £30m – including one by Gaugin – that were stolen from London home in 1970 are discovered 40 YEARS later

painting-horoskopi-ditor 1-Works of art are by French specialists Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard

2-Found in lost property at a train station and sold at closeout in 1975

3-Fiat assembly line laborer purchased them for £20 and hung them on kitchen divider

4-Discovered 40 years on after a protracted police examination taking after tip-off

5-Utilized daily paper reports as a part of New York and Singapore to follow UK proprietors

6-Italian society clergyman: ‘It’s an unbelievable story, a stunning recuperation

Two important pictures of Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard are found at the kitchen of an Italian farmer, without knowing anything Horoskopi Ditor has learned lately by European News agency. Their value is considered 10.6 billion euro and it is thought that those pictures are rubbed from a British person whose house in London has been rubbed in 1970 and then those two pictures are let at the train of Paris- Torino line.

In 1975, without knowing their real value, those two pictures are sold in an auction of lost objects and were bought for only 45000 lire or 23 euros today, by an employee of FIAT INDUSTRY, who loves this art.

He first let those at his home in Turin and after his retirement he took them in his birthplace in Sicilia. It was his son who understood their value when he read a book about Paul Gauguin, after this, he arrived in the conclusion that the picture, his father had in his home was the same as the one that was described in the book.

He contacted with some experts who told him that this picture belongs to the famous painter of the XIX century. After the verifications it resulted that the picture was called: “Fruits on the table, frozen life and a little dog”, created in 1889 and valuated as 10-30 billion euro.

The other picture belongs to Bonnard. It is called “The women on the chair” and its value is around 600 thousand of euros. Both of the two artists are very famous on what they do.

The first, Gauguin is known about in post-impressionism and his creative connections with Vincent Van Gogh, meanwhile, his friend, the French artist, Pierre Bonnard is considered one of the best colorists of modern art.

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