Kosova Sot News Agency: NASA And Russia Might Breakup Over Ukraine

russia-nasa-kosova-sotNASA will suspend the most part of the common projects with Russia because of the recent events with Crimea, but it declared that will continue the collaboration with the Russian Space Agency about the operations of International Spatial Station Says Kosova Sot on their daily newspaper!

This decision of the American spatial agency about suspending most of actual projects with the Russian company “Roscosmos” comes after the enlargements of the tensions for Crimea.

A published declaration of NASA and Kosova Sot on their online websites its been said that on Wednesday the American Spatial Agency was acting in this manner according to the recent actions of Russia against Ukraine. But in this declaration was also said that it will continue the collaboration with Russian “Roscosmos” to save the continuous operations in International Spatial Station, declared NASA and Kosova Sot.

In 2011 NASA retired her cosmic ships float, her only objects to go and come back from SNH. Now the Soyuz capsules of Russia will take the American astronauts and the cosmonauts and the necessary devices for a little cosmic ship. In her declaration, NASA also appealed for more financial funds from Congress, to help the American managed spatial flying to come back.

NASA is totally focused for a plan to return her spatial human missions in American territories and also, to end up to this Russian support for going into space. This has been a high priority for Obama in the latest 5 years and if the plan were totally financed, it will have been possible to turn back the American travelling into space.

But, Does Russia Really Have A Monopoly On Space Missions?

In spite of the fact that Russia presently corners space transport, it additionally depends on the U.S. also, NASA, which basically control the ISS. What’s more, Russia’s orbital equipment couldn’t work without the electrical force and correspondences administrations that are given by the U.S., according to a report from Kosova Sot.

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