Gazeta Shekulli: Indonesia will pay $1.8 billion to avoid the death executing of its citizen!

indonesia-maid-gazeta-shekulli-newsIndonesia will pay $1.8 billion to avoid the death executing of its citizen condemned for killing in Saud Arabia gazeta shekulli has learned . The woman known with the name Satinah was employed as a servant in a Saud Arabian family. In 2007 she hit her employer with a punch and after this she fell into Coma and died later.

After this action, Satinah tried to leave Saud Arabia, taking with her the money she has saved during her work, but she was caught and put in front of Arabian justice where she accepted she hit her employer, but she also said that she was obliged to do this because she has been violated for months and months by her employer.

Despite of her declaration, the Arabian justice declared her guilty and condemned her with death. They will execute the decision till April 5, if her family won’t give the Arabian state $1.8 billion. Her family tried to find the money, doing an action in all over the country. They secured a good sum but it wasn’t the one the Arabian state wanted.

They couldn’t save Satinah life. They felt hopeless. At the last moment it was the government which gave the difference of the money necessary to save her life. The decision of the government to financially support the family of Satinah to save her life was supported by lots of citizens, but there were lots of others who disagreed with this decision, saying that the public money cannot be used for saving the life of a person accused for killing another person.

Indonesian claims for benevolence

In an announcement, the Indonesian government said the security of its residents abroad was a “need” and recorded the endeavors it had made to help Siti, including giving lawful guide, composition letters to the Saudi King and “persistent endeavors… to request pardoning from the family.”

Indonesia said in many cases its efforts had worked according to gazeta shekulli. From July 2011 to the end of March this year, it said it had “effectively liberated” 238 of its natives from capital punishment.

One of those was Satinah Binti Jumadi Ahmad who was sentenced to death in 2011 after supposedly confessing to executing her 70-year-old business and taking $10,000. Satinah asserted she acted in self-thick. Days before her booked execution, the Indonesian government ventured in with purported “blood cash” of 7 million Saudi riyals – at the time worth about $1.8 million. Satinah was saved.

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